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Kevin Underwood

Seaside, OR


My name is Kevin and I am a husband, father, son, and for as long as I can remember… obsessed with hunting. I grew up and still reside on the “wet” side of Oregon, and have made a career out of working in the woods in timber management. For those that care, I specialize in silviculture and reforestation activities as a consultant for large, private-industry timber operations.

I have spent virtually every spare moment I have been able to muster trying to learn and grow as a hunter, specifically in niche of backcountry hunting. A long time ago, at some point in my childhood I fell in love with wilderness and other remote areas of the like. Over time that passion has evolved into a specialty that has more recently become popular. With backpack hunting styles and trips becoming increasingly popular, I have found myself fielding more and more questions, which has led to many friendships and much learning through the interaction.

I know how much hunting has taught me and meant to me over the years. Almost every valuable lesson and many of my positive character traits have been learned through hunting and the wilderness. If you are considering pursuing the same I hope that uou do, and I hope that I can help you along your way if you need.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me and show interest in my writing and this website. It is greatly appreciated.