Everyone likes gear right? Well that includes myself. Over the last 10 years I have spent thousands of hours researching, tinkering, and modifying my backpack hunting gear to fit my personal needs. I won’t ever claim that any one of these things are the best, but I will claim that these are the best fit products for the way I use them.

There are many priorities that must be weighed when it comes to selecting hunting gear. Weight, durability, functionality and price are just a few of many that come into play. Personally I tend to base my decisions with what I feel like is a useful blend between weight and function, with the scale tipped a little bit more in the direction of weight savings. Everyone has their own flavor and priorities when it comes to what makes great hunting gear, and this page describes mine.

I have upload 5 different gear lists that cover my typical deer elk and bear hunts throughout the year. These a rough estimations because each trip is different. Some of them are very lightweight, some are relatively heavy, especially the late season elk list. Due to the PDF file format that I have these lists built in, you will have to follow the link below to a Google Drive Folder in order to view the lists. I have also provided a sample archery elk list that is somewhat middle of the road. It isn’t ultra lite but it also isn’t heavy.

Please feel free to send messages with any questions you have in terms of gear, even things that aren’t on this list. The conversation that comes always leads to learning both for me and you, and I enjoy the dialogue. I have owned multiple of most of these items, and have had the fortune testing and comparing a lot of things along the way. I am a gear junkie at heart, and always welcome the conversation.