Backcountry Gear 101- Introduction

The Plan

Over the next several weeks, as you prepare for the fall hunting seasons, I want to share what I have learned over the years in terms of gear. Good gear can make or break a hunt, but there are also priorities when it comes to choosing what to spend your hard earned money on. Is it better to upgrade your sleeping bag, or buy a gps? Will expensive broadheads benefit you over the economical option? Is a 20d nylon better than a 10d nylon? These are real questions that can often be confusing and take a lot of time to sort through.DSC01052Over time I have been fortunate to try a ton of different gear, but unfortunately most of it was through trial and error by buying the same item multiple times from various manufacturers until I sorted out what I really needed. What I came to find over time, was an understanding of what specs matter, which ones didn't, and how to base my purchases based on how those specs related to what I knew I needed.I relentlessly pick apart my gear list every winter and evaluate how every item I packed worked, didn't work, or maybe wasn't used. After doing this for multiple years now I feel like I have figured out quite a bit, but I also still seem to have room for change every season. Just this last week I decided to once again change my sleeping bag, rain jacket, and to try another puffy jacket. (Those reviews will be coming up at a later date as well.) 

What I Need

In the coming posts I will document what I have learned to date, and where I am still searching for the a better fit in my gear arsenal. But for now, I want to hear from you. What gear are you researching? What do you have questions about? What gear has been great and what has given you trouble? Please comment below and subscribe!dsc01018