Hilleberg Akto Review

The Hilleberg Akto was intoruduced in 1995, and has since become one of the most renowned single person shelters. After more than two decades of use, it has stood the test of time for good reason.


Brilliant would sum up my opinion of it. By utilizing a tunnel tent design, the Hilleberg Akto needs only one pole to achieve its great strength. This one pole combined with its six guylines and four additional staking points makes the tent feel as stout as bunker when correctly pitched.

By also utilizing the built in square framing on the ends, this tent achieves a great two layer design, with full separation between the layers of fabric. Doing so provides for great ventilation and air movement when the 3 vents on the tent are utilized.

With the additional internal vestibule, and side entry, getting in and out of this tent is simple and easy.

The vestibule provides ample space for an entire kit of solo backpacking gear. It also makes a dry area to get your boots on and off without dragging them into the tent, or leaving them out in the weather.


After all, it is a Hilleberg. Not much more needs to be said than that alone.

The Kerlon 1200 fabric and 9mm DAC aluminum pole are fantastic. Combine this with quality craftsman ship, and this tent will easily last for decades of use outdoors.


This is my favorite part of the Hilleberg Akto. It’s incredibly robust in all conditions. Wind, snow, rain... none of them seem to phase it in my experience.

With true four season capabilities, the Hilleberg Akto has suited me very well in all seasons of mountain hunting over the past 7 years. When I purchased it originally, I was more attracted by how lightweight it was, but over time its strength has impressed me.

The Akto falls into Hilleberg’s Red Label line of tents, which provide four season strength at the lightest possible weight.

Several times I’ve had this tent in sustained winds over 50 mph, and it’s come out the other side without a sign of wear. I have enjoyed many comfortable nights, despite horrendous storms in this tent.


There are lighter tents around, but most of them would be stretching the imagination to even classify as three season capable.

Mine packed with a full set of titanium stakes and Dyneema guyline weighs in right at three lbs. Heavier than some lighter duty tents, but for a true four season shelter, I haven’t found a design that can match it.

For fair weather trips I often lean towards a hilleberg tarp, but when the weather is questionable to poor, I always reach for the Akto. Knowing that this small three pound package has my back no matter what is a nice peace of mind.

Ease of Use

As someone who moves camp most days while hunting, I like a tent that is easy and fast to setup and take down.

I can easily set up or take down this tent in just a couple of minutes by myself. With the single pole design, there isn’t much more to do than remove the stakes and fold the pole. An oversized stuff bag helps for quick take down as well, and within minutes I can have camp broken down and be on my way.

I have found this speed and ease of set-up/tear-down to be very important for me while hunting. It makes for less wasted time and energy each morning when I need to get on my way before daylight.


From sea level, to mountaineering trips, to backcountry hunting, I have carried the Akto all over the NW United States. While it’s one downside could be that it’s not a freestanding design, I have always found a way to get the tent pitched in every situation.

While it is strong enough for late season snow storms, it has also proved to have adequate ventilation for spring and summer use.

The Akto is easily my favorite shelter of the 5 or so that I own. Sure there are times where I cut some weight and take a good tarp, but nothing feels as much like home as this tent. The Hilleberg Hotel is always a welcomed sight at the end of the day.